Ice Halo Pom Toque


This toque is a great way to show your love of Winter!

Front, side and back padding. One size fits all. But this one fits adults the best! Make Sure you feel the padding to find the widest part of the padding - this goes at the BACK of your head. The front of the toque's padding is divided on a diagonal to allow for various head sizes and is more narrow so it won't interfere with vision.

Remember - when you first put on your new toque - put your hands into the toque and spread them, to make it larger or anytime it feels too tight - just pull gently on the band area at your forehead until it pulls away from your head 1/2 and inch. You may need to do this the first time and any time after laundering. This process will allow the hat to settle back to your head size.

Ice Halo products are Premium Products. Other manufacturers offer similar products at lower prices than ours, but they are also lower quality.  All our Ice Halo Products are 100% Canadian made and tested in one of the top Canadian  impact testing facilities in the world, using the Hockey Helmet Standard (CSA Z262.1-09 (April 2009) Annex A, Impact Drop Testing). Our products pass the standard requirements for front, side and back impact. When it comes to comparison -  Ice Halo products out rank the lesser valued ones on the market every time!


Ice Halo Pom Toque - Black / One Size is currently out of stock and on backorder. Please allow us a few extra days to fulfill your order, if this order is urgent please email with the exact due date.

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