Figure Skates

Figure Skates

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Expert Craftsmanship for Every Figure Skater

Out on the ice, the skater is as good as their skates. From beginner learning to global championship titles, behind every skater is a reliable pair of skates expertly crafted for precision and performance. 

Know Your Skates

How to Shop for Powerhouse Performance

Whether you’re skating recreationally or professionally, be the best skater on the ice with skates made for your skill level and goals. Discover leading-edge design, fabric technology, and craftsmanship engineered for elegant movement and athletic power.

There’s a perfect pair of skates for you — that’s the Figure Skating Boutique goal. From knowing your skates to finding your perfect fit, our mission is your best skate.

  • Purpose: Browse skates designed for specific ages, skill levels, and uses. Choose from affordable recreational skates, all through to professional skates for enhanced performance.
  • Skate design and technology: Achieve your potential on the ice with lightweight, stronger skates crafted with high-tech materials and manufacturing techniques for faster glide, maneuverability, perfect fit and comfort, power, and stability.
  • Structure: Assemble your skates all in one place with various boots and blades engineered for your expertise and competitive goals.
  • Sizing: Get a precise fit based on the width, length, and depth of your foot to ensure comfort and excellent footwork. Use our perfect fit tool to get the best fit in the industry.

Shop by Interest

Finding your companion on the ice is easier than ever. Ask our skate consultants about curated selections for kids and youth, men and women, and for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skaters. Score savings and smart buys with used skates and boots.

Shop by Brand

Discover what makes an Olympic champions and pro figure skaters. Train and compete in finely crafted skates engineered for breathtaking jumps and spins, faster glide, footwork precision, moisture control, and shock absorption. Skate with superior materials and high-tech sole construction, complete with unparalleled boot fit and blade assembly. Shop our selection of the world’s leading skates from EDEA, Risport, Jackson Ultima, Ridell, and PIC — trusted by champions, worn to title wins and world records.

Shop by Category

Find the skates made for you. Browse our collection of skates and boots for all ages and skills. Get your recreational or professional skates at the best fit and value, and take your place on the ice.

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