Riedell Ice Skates & Boots

Riedell Ice Skates & Boots

The Choice of Champions
A World Leader in Figure Skating

One of the most premium trusted skating brands, Riedell skates have been worn by skaters of all skill levels and ages across the globe. From recreational beginner skates to advanced competitive models, the Riedell trademark is quality metal craftsmanship, durability, and protective design for utmost safety and flexibility. Achieve the most demanding feats on the ice with an unparalleled long-lasting performance at the best value.

Only with Riedell Ice Skates and Boots

Expert Performance and Durability

At the Figure Skating Boutique, we help you skate on and off the ice. From figure skating to indoor and outdoor rhythm, roller derby, and recreational skating, we have the perfect inline skates for you.

At the Figure Skating Boutique, we share in Riedell’s mission to deliver only the finest quality skates and boots to every skater, at any age and skill level. We trust in Riedell craftsmanship and innovation — the best of long-lasting comfort and style, designed for optimal balance, high-level performance, and all the wellness benefits of figure skating. See what makes Riedell the choice of champions:

  • Skates for every skater: From beginner learning and recreational skating to intermediate level and professional championship, Riedell has the right skates for you, tailored to your skill level, figure skating event, and performance goals.
  • Manufacturing innovation: Made for years on the ice, Riedell skates and boots are engineered with the most durable but lightweight materials to ensure foot and ankle safety, and the best value from training, all the way to footwork precision in podium-worthy jumps and spins.
  • Signature blades: Skate in perfectly matched Riedell skating boots and high-quality titanium, carbon steel, or stainless steel blades proudly manufactured in-house with straight or cross-cut toe rakes, chrome finishing, and a flexible radius capability.

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Get your complete skating gear all in one place. Designed to grow with you and your goals on the ice, Riedell skates are perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skaters. Shop assembled skates, or build your custom set with finely crafted boots and expertly engineered blades tailored to your exact needs and competitive aspirations.

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Browse our collection of signature Riedell skating boots designed for maximum foot and ankle protection and flexibility. Discover endless styles crafted in line with the latest design standards for both function and finesse. Ask our skate consultants about customizations for a truly elegant and memorable showing on the ice.

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