PIC Inline Skates

PIC® Inline Skates

Skating, Reinvented. Now Rolling with Confidence.
Inline Recreational and Performance Skates by PIC

Skating isn’t always on the ice — this is the heart of PIC’s mission. A world-class leader in sporting goods and skating equipment, PIC set out to reinvent skating, and get you rolling anytime, anywhere. Discover a different way to skate, and wear. Enjoy the athletic and recreational benefits of inline skating in all-new skates expertly reinvented by PIC to go beyond the ice.

Broadening the World of Skating

Best for Training and Recreation Beyond the Ice

Whether you’re training off the ice or discovering a new way to skate, PIC inline skates are perfect for you. Find your perfect pair at the Figure Skating Boutique, and start rolling. Designed in collaboration with ice skating pioneers, PIC inline skates open an entire world of possibilities for indoor and outdoor skating. Skate with leading roller technology, and enjoy all the benefits of inline skating with the right skates:

  • Broad applications: Use the best inline skates made to perform and compete worldwide across the widest range of sports, from ice hockey and figure skating training to indoor and outdoor recreation, rhythm skating, roller derby, and more.
  • Revolutionary skating technology: Not all inline skates were made the same — only PIC skates lead in excellent toe pick angle for toe-drag quick stops and tight turns. PIC inline skates are engineered for the smoothest transition, with superior grip and less resistance.
  • Ultimate flexibility: From seamless glide and complex spins, jumps, and footwork, to reverse stop, walking, and climbing, do all these and more and wear your skates anytime, anywhere.


Ready to take your skate off the ice? Discover endless possibilities and all-new ways to skate with the best inline skates in the market. Browse our selection of PIC skates, available at the Figure Skating Boutique.

From finding the right frameset and wheels to training for new jumps, spins, doubles, and footwork dance sequences, we have the perfect inline skates designed to perform anywhere you want to skate. Experience the PIC difference: high-level performance, ultra-smooth rolling, and hassle-free mounting.

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