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Skating is for everyone — and we have the apparel you need to step on the ice. From kids learning the basics and honing their skills, to adult champion skaters, complete your recreational and competitive skating essentials. Shop our complete line of activewear for training and competition dresses and ensembles. Trust our expert selections tailored to the age, performance goals, and skill level of every skater.

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Your best skate starts with utmost comfort. As one of North America’s top skating stores, we offer the widest range of apparel certified for flexibility, performance, and endurance on the ice. Browse apparel designed especially for kids and youth, women, and men, from beginner to competitive skating. Get the best value on jackets, activewear, shirts, pants, and dresses crafted in long-lasting, high-quality fabrics, designed to support graceful movement, smooth turns, and high jumps.

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