EDEA Ice Skates & Boots

EDEA Ice Skates & Boots

Olympic Winning EDEA Ice Skates and Skating Boots
Skating Design and Innovation Trusted by World Champions

A winner of countless Olympic medals and figure skating championships, EDEA skates and boots come in trademark craftsmanship reserved only for the elite skater. Show the full breadth of your figure skating talent, flexibility, and strength in EDEA skates engineered for a winning performance — every time.

Pushing Great Skaters to Greater Heights

Worn by Many. Loved by Champions.

If the skates make the skater, then EDEA is the real champion. Find the signature EDEA skates and boots made just for you — crafted for your skills and talents, reinforced for strength and performance to help you complete high-skill maneuvers like quadruple jumps. Discover what makes EDEA the skates of choice in this beloved winter sport watched by millions all over the globe. Get the right gear for your journey across the ice.

  • Precise fit: Crafted for a perfectly safe and comfortable fit with anatomically foot-formed fitting and accurate sizing, available in regular, wide, narrow, and custom sizing.
  • Innovative design: Proudly the lightest skates in the world, complete with a waterproof, heat shapeable, or thin sole, and engineered with increased roller ventilation, improved hook design, and elegant styles.
  • Incredible range: Browse the widest range of styles for every size, budget, and performance goals, starting from beginners to intermediate and advanced skates.

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Get the complete EDEA package. Shop our collection of EDEA skates with fully assembled skating boots and blades, tailored to every age and skill level. Find your perfect skates at the best value, all with trademark EDEA comfort, lightness, durability, and style.

Shop EDEA Skating Boots

Get skating boots designed for competitive figure skaters and world champions. Shop the right boots crafted for optimal comfort, durability, and flexibility, with fully customizable blades of choice. Assemble skates right for you; tailored to your needs on the ice and performance goals. Browse our collection of EDEA skating boots to personalize and make your own.

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