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Figure Skating Accessories

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Figure skating is an elite sport for serious athletes, and a magical recreational activity. Whether you’re a beginner or pro skater, glide onto the ice with a complete ensemble ready to take on the ice. From protective gear to final touches, get everything you need for the perfect skate, every time.

Skate Protection and Training Essentials

Safety, Comfort, and Performance on the Ice

At Figure Skating Boutique, we believe your best skate starts with safety and comfort. With challenging conditions like athletic intensity, speed, cold temperatures, blade sharpness, and more, we’re here to help you skate safely, and hone your talent.

Browse our selection of skating accessories expertly crafted, tested, and curated for your ultimate comfort and performance. From skate protection and care, to added warmth and portability, we provide all your essentials for life on the ice.

  • For Skating Equipment

    Keep blades sharp and clean, absorb moisture, and prevent contact with other hard surfaces other than ice. Shop our hard plastic skate guards, fabric blade covers, and moisture-wicking boot covers for optimal skate protection and long-lasting performance. Store and carry your gear in skate bags and garment bags to prevent handling injuries and damage, and get the best value from lasting use. Maintain your skates with highest-rated skate care products.

  • For Figure Skaters

    Your best skate starts with safety and comfort. Protect yourself from bruises, scratches, and strains with padded skatewear and gel cushions for high-impact lifts and landings. Stay warm and maintain footwork and movement precision with leg warmers, protective gloves, and moisture-wicking headbands. With reduced risk of injury, you can focus better on training, learning, and skating to a podium finish.

  • For Your Skating Journey

    Your quest for athletic dominance never ends. Be the best skater you can be with on- and off-ice training tools and other accessories. Shop spinners, training cords, posture trainers, and more to build endurance, improve balance, and develop turning skills — even when you’re off the ice. Add key chains and other accessories to complete your skating ensemble.

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