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it’s the skates that make the skater. Behind every champion is a superior grip and excellent flow on the ice, achieved with blades designed for axels, triple combinations, quad jumps and superior edge skills.

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Browse our selection of figure skating blades from brands worn, tested, and trusted by beginners to pros. Cut through the ice, and skate from training to championships with blades custom-crafted for every skating technique and skill level.

  • John Wilson
    Made for Beginner and Champion Freestyle Skaters

    The freestyle skating blade of choice by coaches and champion skaters, John Wilson is your perfect companion for learning new jumps and building your skills on the ice. Skate with faster speeds, reduced weight, and utmost flexibility to dance and showcase award-winning footwork.

    Choose from a range of competitive blades expertly crafted with precision crosses, tapered grounds, and cutting-edge toe picks for superior spotting, increased glide, and cushion landing control. Wear the blade that more olympic and world champions have worn than anything else.

  • MK
    Trusted by National, World, and Olympic Titleholders

    There’s no figure skating blade more competitive than MK. Behind champion skaters are the MK’s trademark lightweight blades, expert craftsmanship in laser cutting, and shock-absorbing cantilever design with cushion flex technology.

    Browse North America’s largest selection of MK blades, with expert recommendations tailored to your skill level, competitive aspirations, and skating events. Whether you’re a beginner figure skater or a champion ice dancer; MK blades feature a signature side-honed and tapered design, with lightweight carbon fibre technology, and patented dovetail guaranteed to give you a competitive edge on the ice.

  • Ultima
    Proudly Canadian Owned: Made for Canadian Skaters

    For blades engineered precisely to Canadian standards and performance of Canadian athletes, choose Ultima. Excel in training, all through to competitions with the Ultima’s lightweight and tapered chrome build, accurate sharpening, and straight-cut picks.

    Freestyle, figure skate, and dance on the ice with long-lasting, scratch-resistant blades built to last from beginner learning to professional championships. Find your Ultima blade across a wide range of options tailored for faster glide, increased flexibility, precise jumps and flying spins, and unparalleled durability.

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