Edea E-Spinner Aruba

It’s made from nylon and it can simulate the movements and sensations of the athlete on ice. Two integrated bands allow take-off practice and prevent slipping. We advise using the Yellow (Soft) for single jumps and Red (Hard) for double or triple. Use without jump bands to practice spins. Why e-spinner is so special: The rotation point has been moved forward for a more realistic feeling spin. The rocker and the curve profile are higher to reduces friction for improve speed of spin and better balance. The wider platform is for ease of use. It is very useful for warm-up exercises before training and competitions. The spinner should be used on a hard, smooth, clean surface. For safety reasons ensure the space around you is clear. Don’t use on a wooden surfaces as it may leave marks. Practice made perfect!

Edea E-Spinner Aruba is currently out of stock and on backorder. Please allow us a few extra days to fulfill your order, if this order is urgent please email orders@skatingboutique.com with the exact due date.

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