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The Gift of Carley’s Angels Skating Apparel
Skate with a Purpose. Skate to Give Back.

Figure Skating Boutique is proud to represent Carley’s Angels skating apparel. Born out of a passion for figure skating, music, and life, Carley’s Angels honours talented figure skater Carley Elle Allison. Though gone too soon, Carley’s memory and breathtaking talent on the ice live on in the Sparkelle line of figure skating dresses. Skate and sparkle like Carley — always smiling, with fearless talent and passion.

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There’s more to Carley’s Angels than high-quality fabrics, beautiful designs, and utmost comfort and flexibility. Skate flawlessly and meaningfully with leading-edge fabric technology, in inclusive skin tones and sizes.

With every Sparkelle skating dress, you help honour Carley’s legacy. Proceeds go to the Carley’s Angel’s Psychosocial Oncology Initiative at SickKids Hospital. Skate with a purpose — in support of innovative cancer care, and the health and wellbeing of families battling cancer. Get your Sparkelle here.

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